Promote the #1 K-Beauty Brand in Korea

Watch our overview video to learn about this exciting opportunity in Korean Beauty.

The Products

  • Korea is known for making the highest quality skincare products in the world
  • #1 K-Beauty Brand has finally arrived to North America
  • High margin wholesale distributor business model
  • Celebrity marketing & branding

Featured Product

Aqua Protection Sunscreen

  • KEY BENEFITS / CLAIMS: Powerful UV Protection (Broad Spectrum SPF50+) This daily moisturizing, lightweight sunscreen boasts an SPF of 50+ for fun in the sun without the stress of skin damage.
  • Not Your Average Sunscreen - Proprietary complexes and hydrating ingredients like our 8-layer hyaluronic acid helps skin feel moisturized AND improves elasticity, so you can protect your skin and treat it, all in one product.
  • Gentle Formula - HRIPT TEST completion affirms that this UV Protection formula is suitable for everyday wear. Epiocular testing confirms no risk for eye irritation. Smooth, Replenishing Texture Goes on smooth with a subtle glow; doesn’t whiten the skin and won’t cause caking when makeup is applied

The Compensation Plan

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